Cleaning Service Policy

  1. Our cleaning service is licensed and secure to serve Scranton and surrounding areas.
  2. We provide all equipment and green product. We will not use any product at clients instruction or request.
  3. We hire reliable and trustworthy people. Our team is dedicated, efficient and hard working.
  4. We may ask you questions in regard to your home so that our staff can be well prepared.
  5. We value your service and strive only to satisfy you. All employees have a company ID card. They also have a checklist to thoroughly examine the premises before they leave. Please contact us as soon as possible if you’re unsatisfied in any way and we will deal with the matter promptly.
  6. For payment: Only monthly invoiced customers are exempt from pay upon delivery of service. All other customers should make check payable to K. Yisrael, cash payments are acceptable too.
  7. For Cancellation: Please notify us if you have any last minute changes. We appreciate and always tries to accommodate our customers in any way. If you need to cancel an appointment please do so as soon as possible.